– Prequalified for Walmart Card

Walmart is offering Walmart Credit Card, for its regular customers. If you`re frequent visitor of Walmart, then you should apply for Walmart Credit Card at All you need is to visit their site and fill simple form to apply for Walmart Credit Card. Cardholders can get cashbacks, rewards, and amazing discounts as well. So Stay Tuned!

ADVERTISEMENT – Customers Tips to apply for Walmart Card:

Customers of Walmart can apply for Walmart Credit Card through two ways. They can simply fill the form online at (if they have received the prequalified email by Walmart) and also through by mailing the proper application to Walmart office.


  •  Apply online through their site
  •  By mail

So if you don’t have internet access or device, so don’t worry. You can apply for Walmart Credit Card simply by mailing your information to their address. Apply For Walmart Card Online –

If you’ve receive the pre-qualified email from Walmart for card, then you can continue. Customers have to enter 11-digit pre-approved acceptance number to apply for Walmart Credit Card. So if you have your 11-digit pre-approved acceptance number, then follow the given below steps:

  1.   First of all, turn on your PC and make sure it is accessed with internet connection.
  2.   Open any internet browser and go to
  3.   Enter your pre-approved acceptance number and Last Name.
  4.   Then click on the option “Submit”.
  5.   Then it will ask you to provide some more personal information. And that’s it.
  6.   Your application of Walmart Card will be reviewed and you will receive your card within few working days.

Benefits You can avail with Walmart Card:

Walmart offers large number of benefits to its customers. So don’t wait anymore, simply go to and apply now. Major benefits offered by Walmart are listed below:

  •  There is no annual fee.
  •  You will get discount of 5 cents per gallon when purchasing gas at Walmart gas stations.
  •  Cardholders can check their FICO score for free.
  •  There is complete protection to Walmart Cards, as fraud protection is automatically available.
  •  Cardholders can also get cash up to $100 from cashier through Walmart Card. In order to get any sort of information, you visit or call at (800) 966-6546.