Take Nike Survey to Get $10 at mynikevisit-na.com

As Nike is a multinational company in sales and marketing of various products. It has a large number of products for men, women and kids. It offers a lot of services for its customers. Nike is offering a special visit survey for the benefit of customers. The policy of this survey is to connect to the people and to improve the quality of stuff according to the public opinion and feedback.


How to Participate in Nike Visit Survey at mynikevisit-na.com:

In order to participate in the Nike visit survey one has to follow some steps. These simple steps are given as;

  1. Purchase some products at Nike.
  2. Minimum age to make a survey is 13 years.
  3. Visit the website mynikevisit-na.com
  4. Then, select the language of your own choice.
  5. Answer the questions of survey honestly.
  6. Then, enter the 15 to 20 digit survey code that is present on the receipt of shopping.
  7. In this way, one can win $10 or $5 at Nike.
  8. There are many other rewards as well, e.g. gift cards and many more.

Important Rules of Nike Visit Survey:

There are some rules and terms to follow to take part in the survey. Some of the rules are given as;

  • Survey is not for the online shopping.
  • Awarded offer of $10 cannot be replaced by cash.
  • Survey code is applicable for one use only.
  • It gets expired after 60 days.
  • One should make one survey in a week.
  • It is compulsory to do shopping at Nike to participate in the Nike visit survey.

Purpose of Nike Visit Survey:

The Nike visit survey is the open interaction between the customers and the company. It is done to get the customer remarks about different products. This is the best and simple way to connect to the customers. People after purchasing Nike products can give their opinion and remarks regarding those products by this visit survey.

Customers can freely give his opinion about the products that either they are perfect or they require any sort of improvement. Company value the feedback of customers for the betterment of products. People can also give suggestions to improve the services. For this, the customer has to fill the feedback Performa having questions regarding purchasing and quality of the products. One has to answer those questions honestly for the betterment of the company.

For more Information;

In case of any query, visit the website mynikevisit-na.com or may call at 1-800-806-6453.