Research Cards

Credit cards are very widespread today and we can not even imagine our lives without it. It is made from plastic and with the help of it you are able to make payments as your account's balance permits. Nowadays credit cards have fixed size and they are implemented by ISO 7810 standard. The size is not big, it is about five centimeters in length and eight in width. Every credit cards should posses its own 16-digit number in which the necessary information is encrypted. Also, credit cards have CVC2 code by means of which the credit card can be verified while making payments in internet. Usually this code is placed on the back of the plastic card. The most well-known and very important attribute is the PIN-code. With the help of it you can have access to the credit card and its content. Please remember that no one should ever inform anyone about his PIN-code so that money will not be stolen. You can use credit cards rather different ways.

Many people do not spend their credit money, but keep it for the case of unexpected expenses. It is nice method to store your money with calm, especially if you are confident in your bank. Every bank cares about its reputation and strives to satisfy needs of clients as much as possible.

Other group of people prefer just not to hold their money on the credit card but to withdraw cash loan. The most common method to use credit card, many people do this simple algorithm from salary to salary.

The third way to use credit card is just to make payments. It is the most interesting use-case for credit card. Payments with the help of credit cards are made just like by means of bank cards. You should notice that every payment can be fulfilled with the physical use of credit card or without even keeping it in your hands. You can do it remotely — through internet. The first operation is done through special tool — terminal. It is much more convenient than dealing with cash. It wins in speed and security because money that you store on your credit card are much harder to be stolen.

Payment by credit card through internet is based on transmitting to the recipient of some necessary information. Its owner confirms the transaction by entering specific codes. The recipient also makes request to the bank in order to write off money. All the payments through online-banking require the connection with bank through the internet. Operations without such type of connection are not widespread.